India and Kazakhstan came forward to provide mutual cooperation in education and medicine.A team of professors Professor Alfonov and Professor Assan from the Association of Universities of Republic of Kazakhstan,and Director of the International Education Partnership has visited Hyderabad on Monday to further strengthen relations between the two countries.

Neo’s able leadership at Ukrainian Forum in the sphere of International Education

Neo has been creating ripples in the ocean of education. The organization has been constantly raising the benchmark of education in both India and in abroad. The organization under the expertise leadership of Dr. Divya and Raj sir has been creating standards for the organizations to achieve. Ukraine has been the platform for the medical education and Director of Neo Dr B Divya and Raj sir have left no stone unturned to gather the best education arena for the future MBBS and PG aspirants in that country.

Recently, Director of Neo Dr B Divya Sunitha Raj and CEO participated in the First Ukrainian Forum in the sphere of International Education, organized by the Ukrainian State Centre of International Education, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on March 22-23, 2018.

The forum was addressed by the Ukraine Education Minister Mrs.Lilia Hrenyvych and Vice Education Minister Mr. Roman Greba who mentioned that Universities should take high initiatives on Quality Education, Quality Recruitment, Security of Foreign students, Transparency.

According to the Statics presented by the Center and Education Ministry in the forum majority of the students are studying MBBS in Ukraine are from India.

Director Dr B Divya Sunitha Raj appreciated the Ministry of Education and Center for this great initiative of conducting forum and praised the Ministers for their dynamic administration and requested Mrs.Minister, Mr.Vice Minister and Mrs. Director of Center to categorize limited quota for quality education at par with MCI of India, Good Preparation to target MCI Screening test and KROK for existing Indian students and to increase the opportunities of Internship and PG studies. Both the Ministers of Ukraine positively replied in this regard.

Dr.Divya Sunitha Raj also conveyed special thanks to H.E Dr.Manoj Kumar Barathi, Indian Ambassador and Professor Kolesnik YM, Rector of Zaporozhye State Medical University for their tremendous support to Indian students.

NEO under its able leadership is dreaming and working on the enormous number of opportunities that are there in the country Ukraine, so that we get the best doctors to the world….