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About Team Motivation

Team Motivation is a pioneer coaching institute in India. An institute designed for the new millennium. Team Motivation was established in 2011 with relevance to the foreign medical aspirants to clear MCI Screening Test in India. DR. ASHUTOSH AGGARWAL, director of Team Motivation has set the trend in this area. Team Motivation is a premiere institute in the concept of the need of FMG Coaching Classes and is first of its kind in the country.

Team motivation is the only institute which is involved in total spectrum of coaching for foreign medical graduates. The complete syllabus shall be covered in a meticulous manner in the entire program: a true blend of the subjects, the analysis and complete coverage of the chapters, various types of test, query sessions, the discussions on thousands of MCQ's covering all aspects of the medicinal methodology.


When we begin our MBBS preparation we hardly have a clue as to where to begin and what all to read for the examination. It is actually impossible to cover all of the syllabus and that is why we need to cover what is actually essential from the exams point of view. It has been seen over many years that the questions framed in the FMG examinations usually lay stress on certain topics only, therefore it becomes very important to avoid wasting time over the others. What is required at the moment is the right guidance as to what all should be read and what all should be remembered.

Regular Course Highlights

  1. Systematic form of teaching, starting with Pre clinical followed by Para-clinical and clinical subjects.
  2. Daily classes of 5-6 hours, giving ample time to the students for self-study.
  3. 600 hours of teaching covering all subjects.
  4. Content according to the syllabus prescribed by latest MCI screening examination.
  5. Timely completion of course followed by 50 tests & discussion dividing whole syllabus into subject specialities.
  6. Final hit in the form of 4 mock tests based on true FMG exams pattern.
Regular Course Details

Semi-Regular Course Highlights

  1. 320 hours of teaching with emphasis on all major topics of all subjects.
  2. Daily classes of 5-6 hours.
  3. 40 Tests & Discussion to revise all major subjects.
  4. Content according to the latest MCI screening examination.
  5. 4 mock tests in end to give full rehearsal before exam.

Test And Discussion Course Helps Students For The Following Point:

  1. (a): Maintaining a time table and whole syallabus is covered in a specified time frame.
  2. (b): Discussion of new topics which are very important according to examination point of view.
  3. (c): Face to Face interaction with the subject faculty to clear all doubts.


ONLINE TEST SERIES for Foreign Medical Graduates for MCI examination in India. This course lays stress on covering the whole syllabus over a period of 3 months with 200 hours of Online Test covering all subjects, which lays the right amount of stress on what actually we are required to know before the exams. The tests are conducted daily classes of 2 hours, giving ample time to the students for self-study by highly experiences teachers from all over India and even overseas!. Undoubtedly our students have outshined in every year with the help of the right guidance.

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