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Explore our story, where we work tirelessly to make aspirations a reality.

For Every Step you take, we shall guide you to bring you closer to your dream, because a brighter Future needs a friendly hand that shall help you shine so bright.  

For over three decades, Neo Group has been tirelessly working towards fulfilling the aspirations of aspiring medical students. With our unwavering commitment and tireless effort, we have successfully sent thousands of students to top medical universities across the world. Our team of experts leverages their wealth of experience and knowledge to provide students with superior guidance, ensuring that they make informed decisions and achieve their career goals. 

Our Mission

With our mission to provide trusted support and services to aspiring medical students and help them fulfil their dreams of becoming successful doctors. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or financial status, should have access to quality medical education. That’s why we strive to create opportunities for MBBS study abroad, offering superior guidance and support every step of the way.   In addition, we understand the importance of preparing for medical licensing exams, which is why we also provide NMC coaching to ensure that our students are well-equipped and confident when it comes time to take the test. With our commitment to excellence, we’re confident that we can help students achieve their goals and become the next generation of medical leaders. 

Our Team Members

Dr.Bvk Raj




Sri Rohit V

Operations & Projects Director

Kalari Tejaswi

Finance Director

V N Murthy

Non Academics Director

Animisha Reddy

Head of Marketing

Dr.Srinivas Raju

Head of Academics

Dr.Mukesh Varma

Head of Student Affairs

Ranadheer Reddy

Head of Business Development

Dr.Yousuf Nehal

FMGE Training Specialist

Our Story and Achievements

30+ years of experience

Our success is a testament to our passion for helping students realize their aspirations and our commitment to delivering exceptional support and services.

5000+ successful aspirants

The hard work and dedication of our team has translated into tangible results, with thousands of students successfully embarking on their medical careers after studying abroad with our guidance. 50+ top universities

50+ partnered universities

Our unwavering commitment and expertise have enabled us to forge partnerships with over 50 top universities, providing our students with limitless opportunities to pursue their passion in the world of medicine. WHO/NMC approved universities

Experienced staff

Our experienced team, combined with our strong relationships with top universities, has allowed us to successfully guide thousands of students into WHO/NMC approved institutions.

Exclusive MCI coaching

We take pride in our ability to facilitate and support our students every step of the way. With our exclusive MCI coaching we are trying to help them to their dream to practice medicine in India in later course of time.


Benefits of studying MBBS Abroad

  • Cost-effective tuition fees
  • High-quality education
  • Advanced facilities and technologies
  • Exposure to diverse cultures and languages
  • Hands-on experience in hospitals and clinics
  • Global recognition and acceptance of the degree
  • Enhanced career prospects and earning potential.
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